Dr. van Dam has provided expert testimony in court cases in the United States and in Canada regarding sex offenders and their habits.  Providing the theoretical information to inform judges and juries regarding these practices helps provide the framework for better understanding the case in question.

  • In one groundbreaking case, the lawyer successfully protected a child from a very socially skilled child molester by using Dr. van Dam’s testimony to lay the groundwork for how socially skilled child molesters operate.  The lawyer then demonstrated that the individual in question had engaged in all those practices. Without the framework, the judge would have accepted the offender’s perspective, and failed to protect a vulnerable child.
  • In another case Dr. van Dam was able to help the lawyer link two seemingly unconnected events together to demonstrate to the courts how these two events identified the agency as generically failing to protect children from harm.  The resulting settlement was viewed as advantageous to the victims.
  • Dr. van Dam’s consultation in yet another case also provided the framework to require a change in the personnel policy of another agency, thereby ensuring that children would be better protected.